Monday, 14 July 2014

We were on holiday

In the continuing series of posts on surviving the summer holiday here is a rundown of some of our activities while we were staying with friends.  As is a theme of the summer none of them broke the bank!

We did lots of trips to the park (a new park is always more fun than the "usual" one)

We got chicken pox :-( (ok, that wasn't so much a planned activity but it did dictate a lot of what we could do!)

We took a walk through town to have dinner with old friends

these two used to be best friends, it was lovely to reunite them for an afternoon
 One day we just went to ikea, but we went to the cafe, ate cake and took time to play on their outdoor slide (I had originally intended putting N in the free playzone thing but it didn't open until 11 and we got there at 10.15am!)

One of our more extravagant activities was a trip to soft play, including LUNCH! I'm mainly including this because being from Scotland we have started holidays early and in England (where we were) the kids were at school so the place wasn't mobbed! Hurrah!

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