Saturday, 8 November 2014

10 things I had forgotten about having a newborn

My latest addition is now 9 days old!

Having had two before I guess I thought I knew what to expect but here are 10 things I had totally forgotten about having a newborn...

1.  How wonderful they smell.

2.  How three hours of night time sleep can feel amazing!

3.  How all consuming their needs can feel and yet how simple they are.

4.  Just how difficult it is to make their arms and legs be inside a sleepsuit.

5.  How much longer it takes to leave the house.

6.  How being stuck in traffic, especially if they have fallen asleep in the car, feels like you have a ticking time bomb in the back that you are completely powerless to defuse.

7.  How your heart will break if they are crying for more than about 30 seconds and you're not in a position to meet their needs in that moment.

8.  How much washing can be generated by one tiny person (both their own and also by puking/weeing/pooing on your clothes)

9. How grateful you can feel if someone appears with a meal or a competent pair of helpful hands!

10.  How  completely, totally and utterly besotted you can be with someone who can barely give you anything in return.

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