Monday, 21 July 2014

Surviving summer with a holiday

Blog posts might be a little more sporadic from me over the next few days, we have brought the girls to stay with my husband's parents and we are trying to spend lots of time with family and friends from when we lived round these parts!

Anyway, here is some of my offering for surviving summer, we might be on holiday but these are still at-home type activities as we are still staying at someone's home rather than a hotel or the likes!

Grandma and Grandad have a huge garden, so in typical trying to be a mum style I have been throwing the girls out there as often as possible, but we are in Scotland and the rain has been coming down so we've been doing other things too.

Yesterday we tried playing a board game with N for the first time.  We went for snakes and ladders as it is a nice simple concept.  She quite liked it, was pretty good at being able to take turns and it was all good practice for counting (counting the spots on the die and counting how many squares to move).  She lost concentration before the end so no-one quite made it to 100 although she is not very good at concentrating so other children her age (3.5) might just manage it.  I was proud of how well she tried to get it and she was even trying to roll the die "properly" (while maintaining an effort of making it conveniently land on the number most helpful for her!)

Such enthusiastic rolling I couldn't get a non-blurry picture

 Today we have been doing so playdough with both the girls, M started first with a gleeful shout of "CAKE!!" as she cut out some pretend cakes

The N joined in too...

Later today the girls' Auntie is coming to visit but I might organise a little treasure hunt by making a "map" of Grandma's house and hiding some teddies or their snack around the house for them to find together.  I'll let you know if we do it and try and include some photos...

Are you still surviving summer? Are you counting down the days or happy to have some time with the kids? What you doing to keep you all sane? (I recommend plenty application of tea and biscuits!)

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