Monday, 28 July 2014

An exciting, mundane day!

Today saw trying to be a Dad go back to work and me looking after my girls on my own (for a whole day) for the first time in about 3 weeks.  Combined with the fact we've been at the grandparent's house and my children have forgotten how to share or play independently (i.e. without constant adult input) it would be fair to say that I was a little apprehensive about it all!

As it turns out the day was not nearly as bad as I was thinking it could have been and we had some fun.

As the title would suggest our day was a little mundane but part of the joy of (frugally) living with little people is making the normal and mundane exciting!

So, some friends came round this morning.  Friends always make your normal toys more interesting.  Then we had lunch on blankets in the garden.  Instant picnic, lunch is suddenly exciting! Then we went to see some new friends in their house.  Again, the mundane becomes exciting!

My top tip for today is, meet up with other people.  They are struggling to entertain their little people as much as you are so just meet up and have fun doing ordinary things.

I was a really naughty blogger today and I forgot to take many pictures but here are the highlights...

Our day began with the train set (this is before we'd even had breakfast)

Then friends made our usual toys much more exciting

Going to see new friends meant new toys, here you can see that N learned to use stilts (while M drew with chalk)

At the end of the day M is exhausted.  I normally try and be at home in the afternoon so she can nap but about once a week I don't mind but she's not good at napping on the go so poor wee thing is now very tired indeed!

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