Wednesday, 30 July 2014


So, what every pregnant, Mum of two dealing with the summer holidays needs is to injure her back, right? Wrong! But that is what I have managed to do.  Still though, the children need entertaining and I'm doing my best.

Yesterday was a bit of a non-event. I largely plonked them in front of the telly, which I don't really mind per se but I paid the price in terms of behaviour later in the day :-(

We did find the energy to play with the doll's house though,

And we did have a picnic snack (complete with friend)

N and her friend made bracelets to wear with the beads I bought her for filing her reward jar.

Today has been a little more thought out and so this morning I took them to a brilliant church cafe where they stick out a heap of toys/dressing up things/books for children

Here is M with a dinasaur

 This afternoon I borrowed a friend's copy of Frozen and while M was napping I let N watch it for only the second time.  She actually cried when Anna gets frozen at the end and I did have to make sure she new it was make believe when the mountain troll thing was doing it's thing.  I think she was actually scared.

Then N wanted to go out on her bike, I really was struggling but it is supposed to be raining for the next several days so I figured I ought to make the effort.

So here we are biking

And here we are at the park we cycled to

M came too!

I kind of feel like I am flagging a bit so soon I might break out one of a handful of activities we will do this summer that cost money!

How are you all getting on?

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