Monday, 14 July 2014

Home based and still surviving!

So, here in the trying to be a mum house we are still getting on with the summer holidays.  We have now entered week 3 (although the week before the holidays was also at home because N had chicken pox) and we are still coming up with things to do.  Trying to be a dad is still away with work (for another few days yet having gone away at the end of the week before last) but exciting news is that GRANDMA is getting here later today.  She is coming to help out a pregnant Mummy (and for this I will be eternally grateful) but of course the kids are really excited too! However, she doesn't get here till nearly 5pm so here's what we've been up to today...

We went into town, we went to get the kids' feet measured (our bank manager will be pleased to know they have both grown some more!) but to our delight the shopping centre had laid out lots of dinosaurs for us to find so we wandered round the centre looking for all the dinosaurs we could find

We're going on a dinosaur hunt...

We're going to find a big one...

We're not scared!

After we got home I put M to bed and N and I made some marshmallow squares.  Here she is hard at work

With hindsight this wasn't a great recipe to make as the marshmallows get really hot as they are melting and so N couldn't help as much as she would have liked.  The recipe was also so easy that the activity was over and done a bit quicker than I would have liked for the washing up that I will now need to do! If however you have slightly older children that can be trusted with the hob it is really easy and could be a winner.  The recipe can be found here. Enjoy!

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