Tuesday, 15 July 2014

another offering of summer holiday activities

Here is what we've been doing today (and actually a couple from yesterday that didn't get included in yesterday's post).  Let me know what you've been up to and if you have any favourite's of our activities in the comments below...

Here is N doing the dishes, she loves doing it, it is essentially water play! and as it happens she is quite good at it, I just make sure I have done all the sharp knives and similar before I let her at it.  It saves me a job too, everyone's a winner!

Grandma has come to stay! Hooray! AND today is her birthday so this morning we went to a cafe to have some cake and a coffee/smoothie.  The best cafe in my town if you have young children is actually the one in Sainsbury's it has plenty of space and isn't so busy so you don't feel like you are ruining everyone else's coffee.

 Birthday's need balloons so today we have lots and we have been experimenting with static electricity by making them stick to our hair :-)

N was very happy to get some time to play with Grandma, here they are playing Crazy Chefs.  It's a great wee memory game from Orchard toys.  I love it, it teaches turn taking, helps with memory and encourages them to develop observational skills and all the while it is fun, who doesn't like to make cupcakes!

And finally, we've been baking again, like I said, it is Grandma's birthday so she needs a cake!

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