Thursday, 12 April 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

I'd started to notice the hashtag #R2BC floating around twitter and I've finally found out it stands for Reasons To Be Cheerful.  What a great idea!  Each week people link together their posts thinking about reasons they are cheerful.  The good/happy/positive things going on in life that help us maintain a positive outlook on life.

I had decided yesterday I would give it a go and as it turns out I had a terrible night's sleep and so this is exactly the tonic I need for my tendency to be a little bit grumpy when feeling sleep deprived!

So, here goes

1.  It has taken me 18 months but having gone for a wee walk at the weekend I have found an amazing wee park next to my house, only a 3 minute walk away (just in a direction I don't often go) and it is just right for Naomi's age!

2.  An unexpected benefit of being a user of real nappies is that when you go to the park after it's been raining and need to dry the slide you can use a nappy, after all it is terribly absorbent!

3.  This wouldn't be up everyone's street but I love crafts and I love saving money so I am over the moon to have found a website that brings together these loves and I am very excited to start making some stuff!

Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll do this again!


  1. Hi Jay, Hope the weather stays nice for trips to your park and I'm looking forward to seeing your crafts :) x

  2. I cloth diapered my son for the first year and half then went to disposables because he's such a peeing boy. but I miss them. I whole-heartedly plan to use them on my upcoming baby. It's weird to miss cloth diapers isn't it? haha.

  3. Welcome to R2BC! I'm glad you found such a lovely little park so close to home, it's always nice to have somewhere to go which isn't too far. Who knew that that natural nappies would have so many good uses!

  4. Welcome to R2BC, I used to join in every wekk but I've not been cheerful for ages now, have joined in again this week though - it's a great linky!

    I'll be using cloth nappies this time round, am a bit nervous about them to be honest lol

  5. Welcome to R2BC and lovely to hear you've found a pak that's so close to home and just in time for Summer too! Looking forward to seeing your crafts xxx

  6. Oooh it's always nice to find new places near to the house! I looked on Google Maps using the satellite view to get to grips when we moved, then went into street view if it looked interesting lol.
    Really glad you joined in with #R2BC xx

  7. Loving your use of a real nappy. Super to have you joining in. Mich x