Thursday, 17 July 2014

Two for the price of one!

 Yesterday was a little bit manic and I didn't get a chance to post but we had a lovely day which included a visit to our friend's birthday party! Here is N having her chance to open the pass the parcel.  It occurred to me though that the kind of kids' games that get played at birthday parties would make great activities for a summer play date.

This photo was also taken at the birthday party but is something we have done at home before.  An almost mess free creative activity and all you need is some chalk and a wee area of paved outdoor space. Later the rain will do all your tidying up, amazing!

Today is a very exciting day because Mr trying to be a mum is coming home after very nearly two weeks away but here is what we have been doing to pass the time! (very excitingly Grandma is still here and supervised this activity while I did a bit of tidying and even went to the shops. On my own!)

If you don't have a paddling pool why not consider using a basin and doing some splashing, setting up the sprinkler if you have one for your garden or even just putting out a bucket of water and splashing! It's a great way to keep cool on a hot day! (and as far as I know the UK hasn't got any hose pipe bans just yet!)

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