Friday, 4 July 2014

Sad day

Today is not a great day in the tryingtobeamum house.  One reason is that it is raining which means that our favourite activity of playing the garden is out.  The other is that Daddy went to China today, he'll be going to Canada straight after that and we won't get him back for a whole two weeks.

M was particularly upset after waving Daddy off, but a quick blast of cbeebies and she was absorbed in Mr Maker, her love for Daddy obviously runs deep!

As you can see, she is distraught!

So, like I say, today is rainy so we have been playing with our happy land stuff.  The girls play really nicely together when we get this out, N isn't too old to enjoy the imaginative parts and M is happy because there are no small parts so I don't spend my time breathing down her neck making sure she isn't eating it all!!

I don't want this summer survival series to make it look like I am providing a never ending supply of "wholesome" activities, though, so just to be clear, this has been an activity for a lot of today, photo taken from behind because I was using the opportunity to sit down so N came and sat on my knee!

I am still trying to do one craft/baking/messy thing with N every day and here is today's effort.

I provided her with some craft paper that had been torn up into squares and a piece of paper that had some basic geometric shapes on it.  She then used some glue to "colour in" the shapes.

I had been hoping the finished article would have four colours separated into their shapes but N doesn't like to colour like that with crayons or pens so I am not sure why I thought it would happen with this either.  Here is the finished article.

We probably have a friend coming round in a bit, so that will help pass some more time.

Tomorrow's post will be a bit different, I am going to be driving to the East Midlands with the girls (and no other adults) and so in keeping with our summer survival theme I will be sharing my ideas for surviving lengthy car journeys (of which this family does many) and I won't even be resorting to screens!  What do you to survive in the car?

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