Thursday, 3 July 2014

Day 4 in the summer holiday house

We've made it to day 4, so what have we been up to?

Well, it is a beautiful day so we have been for a wee trip out.  One of the groups that I attend each week (a local Bible study for Mums with a creche!!) has organised activities each Thursday, there is an outdoor thing for if the weather is good and a rainy day alternative.  There is a nominated person in charge each week to make the call on whether the weather is good enough and to help you find each other on arrival.  What a great idea, so today we went to a castle.  We didn't go in, just played in the grounds, it was free and although we met with friends we would have been able to go alone if we wanted.

Here are the girls enjoying a picnic (picnics will feature heavily in our summer activities!)

N has an odd expression on her face, I am not quite sure what that's all about

Miriam got brave enough to go for a bit of a stomp around

Then the girls ran off and chased each other, I sat down with a cup of tea from my flask.  Perfect!

N is still recovering from having chicken pox recently so at one point she requested she have a "rest"

Before we left I got N to pick up a few leaves, on getting home she has stuck them on some paper

Once they have dry we will use some left over toilet roll holders to make ourselves some trees!

Feeling inspired to share your activities for surviving summer? Comment below...

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