Sunday, 12 June 2011

Top Seven Favourite Toys

In the final installment of Top Sevens, I give you Naomi's favourite toys, this time they are ordered and we will start in "last" place

7.  Mummy's hands, in particular when they do the actions to twinkle twinkle

6.  The mobile above her cot (that counts as a toy, right?)

5.  Her play mat with the dangly things, most of all the spider that you can pull and then moves away from you again

4.  Books, any book, she will spend ages just turning the pages

3.  "Bunny" - it is one of these comforter things, though we often use this one to sing sleeping bunnies, she loves when that bunny hops

2.  "Anonymous Bear" a beautiful bear from Mamas and Papas

1.  "Brian the Butterfly", known to everyone else as Freddy the Firefly, this must be the most pumbled, eaten, crumpled, loved toy she has!

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