Thursday, 2 June 2011

Feeling Ill as a mother

We all know that Mums aren't allowed to stop, they must keep going, keep producing milk (and dinner and a clean house) and keep taking us to our various groups and appointments no matter what.

Well, the time I find this hardest is perhaps not the most obvious.  It obviously isn't when I have loads of energy and have had a good nights sleep, but neither is it when I feel *really* ill or when I've had 3 hours sleep in the last 48 hours.  The times I find it hardest are when I am just a little bit ill.

Like now.  I have a cold, it isn't much to write home about and in fact may even be hayfever (although I think I have a fever, regardless of what my thermometer says, and so I have upgraded it to "cold").  I find it hard because if I was exhausted or really ill I would probably get a burst of adrenalin from somewhere and that would see me through.

My body seems to think the best course of action for this ill, however, is to go to bed and sleep.  I agree.  If only I could persuade Naomi to co-operate!

So, how do you cope when you are ill, how do you keep going and how do you get the rest you need?

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  1. I've no idea how I've kept going over the last few days in all honesty. With JW being poorly too and all suffering from a lack of sleep it's been a very hard few days. Of course, he's asleep right now and I really should be too but typically I can't switch my mind off! I have had to go to bed as soon as Hubby gets in from work (around 6pm) and then get up again by 11pm when he needs to go to bed so I can take over looking after JW at night. At least that way we both get some rest. Of course I don't have the breastfeeding to consider in that - will N take a bottle at all so Sandy can help out? x