Monday, 6 June 2011

7 Top Sevens

This week I am going to post 7 "Top Sevens" about myself starting with the top seven things that make me realise how things have changed since I became a parent

1.  When I was on holiday with family I got a cold, instead of being upset I was ill on holiday I was overjoyed there were people to help me!

2.  I can't remember the last time I missed the beginning of "Saturday Kitchen" on the BBC - I used to sometimes miss the end of that show!

3.  Washing my hair is now something I add to my days list of achievements, before it was just something I did!

4.  I often go into town with the baby so she can nap in the buggy, I often make it into town before the bank opens!

5.  Sleeping in till 8am now feels like an amazing treat.

6.  I can tell you where every dropped kerb in my town is and I can tell you how to get into town without having to go through the market because who would want to take a buggy to the market?

7.  I now know what it is to look at your child and feel hopelessly in love, despite the pooing and the crying and the lack of sleeping!

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