Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fathers' Day

First, because grammar (although I don't always get it right) matters to me, I am never sure whether it should be Father's or Fathers' day, is it the day of your father or the day of many fathers? I tend to go with Fathers' Day but if you happen to know which is correct I would be fascinated to find out!

Anyway, here in the UK it will be Fathers' Day in just a little over a fortnight.  It will be my husband's first fathers' day since becoming a Daddy.  I have organised a gift for him (I shan't say what it is in case he stumbles onto my blog!) and today Naomi "helped" me buy a card for him by looking at all the possibilities before I picked the one that made her cry the least (it has been a long day!).

It got me thinking though, when it was Mothers' Day a few weeks back it was so important to me that my husband not forget that I got his sister to remind him to get something!  Generally though, I think Daddies are pretty good at remembering, and generally fuss is made over Mums.  At my church we had a cream tea for all the ladies with homemade scones for all who came to the service that day, served to them, of course, by the men.  We spoke out loud of all the things that we loved about our Mummies and the children's activities resulted in a gift for their Mum to take home.

Will the same be done for Daddies though?  it is my opinion that they tend to get a bit of a raw deal here.  Yes Fathers' Day (and Mothers' Day) are hugely commercial and really only kept going by people who make and sell cards, but why shouldn't we make a fuss over the Dads and dad-figures in our lives?  Without my husband, Naomi would have no toy box, no shelves and come to thnk of it no cot.  Without my husband Naomi wouldn't have learned that one of her favourite foods is broccoli as I was going to save that for when she was "older" and without my husband Naomi would know nothing of the amazing fun that can be had in the bath, as for me it is more a process of function rather than play.

Without my Daddy I wouldn't know of God and how much He loves me.  Without my Daddy I would know nothing of working hard for what you have and without my Daddy I wouldn't know what it mean to keep going, no matter what because there are good times ahead.

So, are you doing anything for your Dad or your children's dads this Fathers' Day? Go on, you know you want to!

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  1. We celebrated Fathers' Day this week as hubby is away next week. He got a Baby Bjorn comfort carrier. I think he's done pretty well!