Saturday, 14 May 2011

Why it pays to listen!

A few weeks ago, my hubby asked me if he could go to a men's thing that our church was doing.  I am desperate for him to make friends (since we moved 6 months ago) so I made sure we didn't have anything clashing in the diary and said yes.

I guess I was a bit sad we were losing out on a Saturday together, the weekends have always been precious to me, but even more so now that we have Naomi here with us.

Well, last week I found out that the men's thing was not just the Saturday as I had thought, but was also overnight and some of the Sunday!  My husband tells me that I "knew" this, but I think my baby brain must have filtered it out!

So, despite the fact I hate being home alone overnight (this was true even before Naomi was on the scene) I find myself having accidentally agreed to doing so tonight!

Thankfully some friends from church who are also missing their husband's tonight (to the same men's weekend away) have thought of some things to keep us all occupied so I won't really be on my own till the bedtime routine starts.

I was particularly dreading it as Naomi had stopped sleeping through in favour of a waking often routine, but last night she did sleep right through till 7am (from 8pm) which means I am a little more rested and there is hope for her doing the same again tonight!

Wish me luck people!

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