Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Yesterday my little girl started on solid food.  I had decided that sweet potato would be good, because it is sweet, very smooth (we are weaning young, to find out why, read this post) and it had my breast milk in it, so I thought it would taste more familiar.

She didn't hate it, but neither would I say it was a resounding success! So today, at the advice of some friends I gave her some baby rice made with my milk, and I think she loved it! She still seemed a bit unsure of the new consistency, but she seemed much happier than the day before.

I am glad too, I have had quite a down day today, feeling slightly inadequate as a Mum, and a bit overwhelmed.  Naomi had seemed so ready for food, she was certainly interested in what Mummy and Daddy were doing every meal time, and so I was convinced she would take to it really easily and I think the fact that it didn't just work straight off had left me feeling a little dejected.  In hindsight, I aimed too high, I wanted to avoid using anything from a packet but as a result, I gave Naomi something she just wasn't ready for.

Tomorrow we will do some more baby rice, we'll just work up to the tasty vegetables currently packing my freezer!

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  1. *hugs* she will get there hun. They say a baby may reject a new taste up to 20 times before they like it, so keep persisting with the sweet potato! x