Sunday, 17 July 2011

I don't like the school holidays

I don't.  It's true.  The thing is, with only a baby at home, it makes no difference to me whether the schools are in or out.  I cannot afford holidays at the moment (well, not real ones, we're going to stay with our families for a bit) and so the price of holidays doesn't make any difference to me.

I hate the holidays because the baby groups that keep me so sane in a normal week get cancelled.  Especially for those groups run by volunteers I do understand that people need a break (because I used to volunteer with a baby group, pre-child) and I get that many of the volunteers have older children who they can't take along to the baby group and so school being out makes it difficult.  However, I need those groups!

Those groups are the things that mean at the end of a day I can have spoken words out loud that weren't necessarily about poo "isn't that a big one?!" or about the noise a cow/dog/monkey/giraffe makes (what noise does a giraffe make?)

Those groups are also places where I can feel I am making sure my (currently) only-child is getting some socialisation and having an opportunity to learn to share and not to hit other babies on the head!

Naomi also gets lots of opportunities to do things like painting or playing with other messy things that I could do with her at home but I actually find quite stressful, she has many opportunities with these groups that I could provide at home but I find much easier to do in a church hall!

Tomorrow is the first weekday of the school holidays where I live.  Instead of going to the baby and toddler group I will stay at home, I thought about taking Naomi swimming but the pool timetable has changed yet no-one has updated the website timetable and so tomorrow I will concentrate on finding out what times I can take her on other weeks!  I might do painting with her, but I'll probably stress out too much about the carpet in my rented house!

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  1. I know what you mean, I am VERY grateful that the two baby groups I go to are both running through the summer. Sometimes I feel like they keep me sane!

    The other problem with the school holidays is that everywhere will be so busy! Sometimes when we go swimming we have practically had the pool to ourselves, but I know that will not be the case for the next few weeks. Queuing for a changing room with a cold, wet, tired, grumpy baby is not my idea of fun!