Friday, 23 August 2013

Inexpensive date night ideas

My husband and I have a date night every week.  I couldn't recommend this highly enough, it means that every week there is one evening where we are both together and we have a rule that we don't do jobs on the computers or even look at our phones, we are just with each other.  Makes such a difference to our relationship.  Let's be realistic though, as much as we would like to go out more, we have children and don't have a never ending supply of babysitters so the vast majority of dates happen at home.  Therefore we try and think of different things to do so we don't just end up watching *another* movie that I will fall asleep half way through.  We are also on a budget, with this in mind I thought I'd share with you some of our date night activities that don't cost a fortune (I'm hoping these should all come in under £3) and I'm not including TV/movie watching as I think that's a little obvious and unimaginative!

1.  Games! We love scrabble and chess.  Sometimes we even just play connect four!  We sometimes get the Wii out and play some Mario cart or something like that.  The game doesn't matter but it is always a great conversation starter too, especially scrabble when you get to talk about the words being put down.

2.  Food!  We love food so sometimes I will buy us a treat, my latest favourite is to buy some camembert and nice bread (in Sainsburys a value camembert and a tiger baguette costs a total of £2.13)

3.  Baking! (We do love food a lot).  Sometimes we bake a cake together (and then eat it).  Last night was date night for us and we made bread together, we needed bread anyway but this way it was yummy and we had the fun of making it first.  Baking is essentially messy play for grown ups.

4. Reminiscing.  Get out the photos from holidays gone by or even just look at them on the computer (in this digital age). Remember all the fun you've had as a family, laugh at ridiculous outfits you've worn, recall the romantic nights out you've had or the places you used to frequent as a student.  This is one of my favourite things to do and as a bonus it is completely free!

5.  Massage.  Give each other a massage, if you want some oil but don't want to buy just use a little olive oil from the kitchen, it is a perfectly good option.  Set a timer and do however long you want each.  The great thing about this date night is often leads to other very fun *cough* marital activities ;-)

6.  Make plans together.  Plan that holiday you've always wanted to go on, think of the places you'd visit.  Or design your dream home together.  My husband and I like making up quizzes, sometimes a date night has just been making up a quiz for the fun of it!  You could even just imagine what it would be like to grow old together.

7.  I'm not sure this would work for me and my husband as we are into quite different kinds of books but have a book club for two.  Discuss what you like/don't like about a book or what challenged you or whatever you would normally discuss in a book club.

8. Set up a romantic cafe for yourselves.  Especially if it is summer and a bit warmer, get a candle lit and sit over a lovely cup of coffee (I always have nice coffee including decaf in so could make a latte style thing).  If your budget wasn't as tight as mine, get a bottle of wine or some beers in instead but still get sitting in a more romantic scene with candle or flowers or whatever.

9. Sex! While this is obvious, why not take some time to be more imaginative with positions or take longer over foreplay.  Make this more special than the odd quicky!!

Do you have your own suggestions? I'd love to hear, we need to fill 52 date nights a year, it's hard not to get bogged down in date night routine!

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